Fan Dimmer without Switch

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Three 60 Plus Series switch And Socket  Available Products:

1 Gang 1 Way Switch
2 Gang 1 Way Switch
3 Gang 1 Way Switch
4 Gang 1 Way Switch
Bell Push Switch 
1 Gang 10/13A 2-Pin Socket 
TV Socket 
1 Gang Telephone socket
1Gang 3 Pin Flat 13A Sockets with neon
1Gang 3+2 Pin 13A Multi Functi sockets 
1Gang 3+2 Pin 13A Multi Functi sockets with neon 
3 Pin 13A Multi with 2 USB Functions
15A Round Socket
20A DP Switch 
2 Gang 3 Pin Flat 13A Switch Sockets with neon
2Gang 3 Pin 13A Multifunction Switch Sockets with neon
250W Fan Dimmer without Switch 
250W Fan Dimmer with Switch




Pure copper contacts

Fire Protected

Life time more than 50,000 times ON/OFF

Five years guaranty